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Roberto Adamo, founder of Elios best of Sicily
Nicola Adamo, founder of Elios best of Sicily

Hi, we are Roberto and Nicola
owners of "Elios - Best of Sicily"

and this is our Story...

How it all began: our Father's passion

  Saverio Adamo, the founder of Elios best of Sicily, in his Farm Olive trees land
 Saverio Adamo, founder of Elios best of Sicily, talking to buyers and tasting red grapes in his farm
 Saverio Adamo, founder of Elios best of Sicily, talking at the mobile while he is waiting for the Oil Mill that produce his Extra Virgin Olive Oil

How it all began: our Father's passion

After having taught "English Language" for 30 years in high schools, he decided to devote his time to farming his family land, following the traditions of a family that for decades lived in strict contact with nature.

Immediately he decided to apply new organic and sustainable growing methods, using only natural substances to produce healthy and high quality food.

His resourcefulness brought him to visiting many European fairs to assess the opportunities to export his products abroad.

His capabilities and commitment, mixed with the great dialectical qualities, have led him to forge many contacts in various European countries, practically putting a solid foundation for the future birth of our company "Elios - best of Sicily".

TODAY, he attends some enogastronomy fairs, he manages the farm and supports buyer and customers in visiting our farm.

An innovative approach: Roberto

 Roberto Adamo, the founder of Elios best of Sicily, at the Internorga Fair in Hamburg-Germany
 Roberto Adamo during the 2015 Olives harvest for making organic Olive Oil
 Roberto Adamo in Emporium show room serving his wine

An innovative approach: Roberto

Roberto Adamo, owner of Elios best of Sicily

After having obtained a Bachelor in International Communication and experienced all around Europe working in some Hotels, I decided to come back to Sicily to reorganize my family's farm and to internationalize the related processes.

Soon we decided to participate as exhibitors in many fairs of food and wine sector in Europe (Speciality and Fine Food Fair in London, La Dolce Vita London, IFE, North Organic products Malmo, Internorga Hamburg, Anuga Colonia etc.), obtaining excellent results in the short term.

In the summer of 2014 I obtained the certificate of Olive Oil taster and in the same period we decided to open a SHOWROOM inside the shop EMPORIUM, located in the walking side part of the harbour of the popular tourist town CASTELLAMMARE DEL GOLFO (Trapani).

TODAY, I take care of following the Extra Virgin Olive Oil production process, from the harvest to the mill, attending fairs and marketing all our products.

Back to nature...& Beekeeping: Nicola

Nicola Adamo, owner of Elios best of Sicily, while he is tasting nero d'avola wine MODUS BIBENDI
Nicola Adamo, while he is monitoring the apiary of Elios best of sicily
Nicola Adamo exhibiting at Artigiano In Fiera Milano 2015, offering organic Extra virgin Olive oil, honey and natural wine

Back to nature...& Beekeeping: Nicola

Nicola Adamo, owner of Elios best of Sicily

I got the Master of Science in Computer Engineering in 2009 and in the following years I worked as a pure Software designer and developer. Although I always loved my work, every year I felt more and more the need to do things for FEELING CLOSER TO NATURE.

That's why I decided to join my father and Roberto in ELIOS, in addition to ENGINEERING work.

My passion for nature and delicatessen, brought me to deepen my knowledge on wine through a course of WINE TASTER (obtaining ONAV certificate) and to satisfy my passion for BEES by following a course of BEEKEEPING.

TODAY, I am responsible of BEEKEEPING, of following production processes and developing new company strategies.

An innovative WINE Project: Guido

 Guido Grillo, winemaker consultant and friend of Elios best of Sicily. Here looking nero d'avola grapes for MODUS BIBENDI red Wine 2015 harvest
Guido Grillo, with his friends: the chef Domenico Pipitone and the winemaker Alessandro Viola-Uva tantum-Alcamo
 Guido Grillo at the wine factory tasting the new white wine MODUS BIBENDI

An innovative WINE Project: Guido

Guido is one of our best friend and he joined us in ELIOS proposing a great WINE Project idea: making a Wine that is DIFFERENT, A NATURAL WINE.

In his work experience as a WINEMAKER Consultant, he matured the awareness that Wine shouldn't be a chemical product, created and adapted on consumer tastes, but it must be the expressione of Nature and of the features of the territory from which the grapes come. Infact, winemaker has to accompany and monitor the natural wine making processes without an invasive intervention and the usage of synthethic chemical substances.

The idea of making a NATURAL WINE comes from deep respect we have for nature and the concept of following Nature makes us feeling part of it. That's why we bet on Guido's project and invested with him.

TODAY, Guido is responsible of following the wine making process and marketing wine.

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